Trump team last week named four contenders for secretary of State

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Trump team last week named four contenders for secretary of State, including Romney. The other three are former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker and former CIA director David Petraeus. But on Sunday, the Trump camp said the president elect had expanded the pool of potential candidates.

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One group of residents poked fun of its hipster population in 2013 with a video called “Ann Arborland: Hipsters.”In the video, two hipsters meet at a cafe to order coffee (since the Indonesian green tea is “bland and pedantic,” says one) and try to outdo each other with stories about how alternative their lives are.Yoga per 10,000 residents: 2.1Cafes per 10,000 residents: 14.7What’s a good hipster list without Berkeley on it? In true Berkeley fashion,
residents have put some deep thought into what being a hipster actually means.”Hipsters are people who dress like artists but don’t actually make anything and who like to do things that no one else likes because no one else likes it,” one UC Berkeley student told The Daily Californian.Another student said the movement may be centered around a working class state of mind. “It’s all about not trying and about appropriating the style of the working class without being the working class,” she told the newspaper. “It’s about being effortlessly cool, which is silly because it takes more effort to try to look effortless.”Yoga per 10,000 residents: 0.2Cafes per 10,000 residents: 4.3Hipsters in Alabama? Oh, yeah.

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It’s also obvious that ‘Koru’ will totally disappear on both our All Blacks jerseys and on plain white paper, but no one seems to have thought about that.Not that any of it matters anyway. The whole ‘Change the Flag’ debate was just a big Government distraction to take attention away from the real scandal going on right under our noses.Have you seen what our new money looks like? Yikes.Debate on this article is now closed.A pop culture junkie, Karl has spent his career writing about the important things in life; music, film, television, comics and video games. He was editor of a popular music rag for five years and has since written regularly for every local culture/arts/lifestyle magazine worth a damn.