Reducing your Company’s Carbon Footprint with Virtual Toll Free Numbers

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“Going green” has become the new reality for organizations who must balance business objectives and profitability against dwindling access to natural resources.  Increasing energy costs and a limited energy supply have forced companies to take action to reduce their carbon footprint.

The greening of an organization can be challenging, as there can often be a significant (though typically temporary) cost output associated with adopting new procedures. Leadership can be hesitant to approve green initiatives without a guaranteed ROI, even amidst pressure from the government, consumers, and shareholders.


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There is one area where a company can reduce carbon emissions without compromising business performance. By adopting a virtual phone system, in which phone calls are placed and received over the internet rather than traditional telephone lines, organizations can deliver on business mandates while reducing their carbon footprint.

Energy in Increased Demand and Virtual Toll Free Numbers

Energy fuels business. As a company grows, building its customer base and strategic partnerships, its need for energy also increases. And gone are the days when employees had one desktop computer and one telephone. Workers at all levels require laptops, tablets, smartphones, and home office equipment, in addition to their desktop and telephone handset. And all of these devices consume energy.

As this demand for energy increases, supply continues to decrease. In order to remain insulated from an unstable energy future, companies must embrace ways to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. The new normal calls for improved energy efficiency and reduced costs.


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Reducing Carbon Footprint With Virtual Phone Systems/Virtual Toll Free Numbers

Communications systems can be a major expense for any business. But through internet telephone systems, companies can reduce their carbon emissions and save money. It sounds like a tall order, but Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems are able to deliver on that promise. VoIP leverages the power of the internet to deliver advanced telephony features at a reduced cost. By investing in an internet phone system, a company can reduce costs and lower carbon emissions in the following ways:

  • Reduce travel time and energy consumption through virtual offices and telecommuting.  Internet phone systems are integrated with email, fax, data files, and virtual meeting software. This allows workers to collaborate with teams in different locations without having to travel. It also gives companies the flexibility to allow full or part-time telecommuting options.  Reduced attendance in the office can save energy consumption, carbon output, and costs.

  • Reduce paper consumption. Internet telephone systems can be connected to the company’s fax numbers. This allows incoming faxes to be received in an email inbox rather than a printed copy. Users can also send faxes directly from their computer desktops.  Additionally, teams can collaborate on documents online. Employees from two different locations can meet via an online conference calls and collaborate on the same documents in real time.

  • Internet phone systems can be expanded without hardware. Because VoIP uses the internet, companies can add new lines and advanced calling features without having to add costly, energy-consuming hardware.

  • Reduces the need for extra office space. It can be difficult to balance growth with expenses, especially in a post-recession economy. But through virtual toll-free numbers, organizations can expand into new markets without the expense of additional office space. Companies can give customers in other states and even other countries a way to reach them through the telephone. Virtual toll-free numbers give the appearance of a local presence without the expense of maintaining a physical location.

Going green is not only good for the environment. It’s also good for business. By adopting VoIP systems and virtual toll free numbers, companies can increase efficiency while reducing carbon footprint.