Get Your International Toll Free Number

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It took nearly 30 years for toll-free numbers to evolve into the powerful marketing tool that they have become, but once their potential was realized, marketing was changed forever. Companies built around a catchy, descriptive toll-free number dominated the their respective industries because of their accessibility. This necessitated the integration of toll-free numbers into any kind of business, no matter the size or target audience.

Is Toll-Free for Me?

If your business is looking to extend its marketing base and find new customers, or if it’s looking to expand to new areas, a toll-free number may be exactly what you’re looking for. Toll-free Numbers extend a company’s reach, without taking away the local personality that is the business’ personality. Once upon a time, using a toll-free number required having an extensive call center staffed to the gills phone operators that required exhaustive training. But now, all calls can be forwarded to a local business line, eliminating the need a veritable army of call-wranglers and phone operators. A toll-free number allows businesses to expand to new areas without actually having to go anywhere.

Toll-Free Adds Accessibility

Toll-free numbers instantly grow a company because they become more reachable. Considering that each call doesn’t cost potential customers a dime, their qualms about calling are eliminated.Should they have a question regarding a product or service, they can call–for free–and speak with a knowledgeable salesperson, and have their opinion shaped. Invisible barriers that had once been present are gone.

Toll-Free Garner Credibility

With extended accessibility comes added credibility, as well. A toll-free number gives the appearance that a company is much bigger than it actually is, assuring potential customers that this isn’t the proverbial “first rodeo,” for their business. Toll-free phone numbers have been proven to increase response rates, and increase customer confidence in your brand

Toll-Free Creates a Brand

Correctly-utilized toll-free numbers are easy to remember, descriptive, and fun. Sometimes they are paired with a jingle, and they become absolutely unforgettable. That’s what you’re looking for in a toll-free number: something that sticks with a potential customer longer than a simple, local phone number.