Free Local Calls: Eliminating Travel Expenses for Your Business

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The world has become an extremely small place. Business is no longer bound by geography, and international commerce is no longer exclusive to large corporations. Even the smallest micro businesses are able to engage with customers halfway around the world thanks to the accessibility and flexibility of the internet.

Free Local Calls: Eliminating Travel Expenses for Your Business

Even with advancements in technology; however, global operations can be cost-prohibitive for many businesses. When your organization is trying to remain lean, you can hit a wall in the international marketplace if you don’t have the budget for world travel. In order to successfully expand into new markets, companies must have a local presence. But it’s not always feasible to operate a physical location or to station personnel in another country for long periods of time. So how can companies that require agility expand into new markets when they don’t have the budget for excessive travel?

Local International Telephone Numbers

It is not necessary to seek out physical office space or invest in human capital when attempting to establish an international presence and remain connected to a global customer base. Savvy organizations can conduct business through the strategic use of international telephone numbers. By purchasing local numbers in other countries, companies can offer their customers and potential customers free local calls.  This gives interested prospects and long-term clients a way to connect with your organization without getting charged exorbitant international telephone rates, and without the need to visit each client in person.

Through international call forwarding, these free local calls are transferred over the internet to your main office – or any telephone number you choose. The caller cannot tell from his end of the phone that the call has been sent to another country. He simply knows that he placed a call and your company answered the phone.

Free local calls give companies a way to stay connected to their international client base in personal and meaningful ways, without the need for constant world travel. Email can be useful, but there is no substitute for human interaction. When international customers can reach your business by placing a free local call, it helps build and maintain that relationship.

Free Local Calls Help Build Customer Relationships

International call forwarding provides seamless call routing which allows you to send inbound calls to any telephone or softphone you choose. Time differences can make it difficult to serve international customers, so it can be useful to route calls to call centers at specific times of the day. Internet telephony lets companies set call routing parameters on a simple desktop administration application. Calls can be diverted strategically between call centers and the home office to ensure no call goes unanswered.

Call routing can also be utilized by individuals. Employees can divert inbound calls placed to their desktop phone to their mobile device or home phone with a few simple clicks of a mouse. Their important international clients can always reach them, whether they are in the office or not, which helps to strengthen the customer relationship.

Think Global, Act Local

Free Local Calls: Eliminating Travel Expenses for Your BusinessFree local calls don’t just benefit customers, they also benefit businesses by helping to maintain a presence in geographically diverse locations without the added expense of operating a brick-and-mortar office. International call forwarding and call routing allows executives and key stakeholders to remain focused on daily operations at the home office while remaining connected to customers overseas;  giving them the freedom to travel only when it’s absolutely necessary. For growing companies and startups that need to remain nimble, this flexibility and cost-savings can be invaluable. Local telephone numbers can be an affordable way to help streamline workflow, maintain customer relationships, while growing and expanding overseas.