Customizing Your Green Company with Vanity 800 Numbers

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In the corporate world it can be said that going green is the new black. It seems every organization, from the small corner boutique to the behemoth international manufacturer, is touting one sustainable program or another. It can be difficult for a company to cut through the noise when trying to promote its own green practices.

An effective way to improve your overall marketing and branding efforts is to secure a vanity 800 number for your green company. What is a vanity 800 number? Think 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-GOT-JUNK. Vanity numbers can include your business name or a benefit that you provide. They give potential customers a simple way to remember your company, and they can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing.

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The Benefits of Vanity 800 Numbers

Vanity phone numbers can benefit a green company in many ways, including:

  • Increase response rate of advertising and marketing efforts. Traditional advertising and marketing can be effective, but unless a potential client is motivated to clip an ad or write down a phone number, your company can be quickly forgotten. A vanity 800 number significantly improves recall  and gives customers an easy way to remember you when they’re ready to buy. This can make direct mail, print, and broadcast advertising campaigns more effective.

  • Toll free numbers establish trust. Customers trust toll-free numbers. According to The Insight Research Corporation, customers are more likely to buy from companies that offer a toll-free number.

  • Branding. If nobody knows your company name, it’s probably safe to say that nobody is buying from you. One very simple and very effective way to help establish your brand name is to include it in a vanity phone number, making it easy for prospective clients to remember you before they call, and long after they’ve signed a contract.

  • Increase word of mouth and referral business. Happy customers can refer you all day, every day, but if they can’t remember your telephone number, it’s for naught.  Vanity 800 numbers give happy customers an easy way to refer you to their colleagues and friends.

  • Project a large image. Small green companies and startups face an uphill battle in trying to win market share. A vanity 800 number can give potential clients the impression that you’ve already established a national customer base.

  • Improved customer service. By giving your customers an easy way to reach you, it tells them that you put their needs first. This creates a solid foundation on which your business can build relationships.

How to Get a Vanity 800 Number

It is easier than ever before to secure a vanity 800 number for your green company.  Simply contact a toll-free service provider or what’s known as a Responsible Organization.  These providers can access the full SMS/800 database of available toll free numbers. They can help you select and secure one or more vanity numbers for your business.

While local telephone companies can provide vanity 800 numbers, you are not limited to their services. It can often be much more cost-efficient to go through a third-party provider rather than your local telephone company.  When shopping for a service, be sure to compare pricing and service models in order to determine the best option for your organization.

Green Technology Vanity 800 Numbers

Round Out Your Communications Strategy With a Vanity 800 Number

Vanity 800 numbers can support the marketing and branding efforts of your green company, without making a dent in the bottom line. Whether you’re a new company trying to establish a customer base, or you are an established organization looking to enhance customer relationships and continue growing, vanity 800 numbers should be a part of your communications strategy. By giving customers an easy way to remember and reach you, you can build strong relationships and increase sales.