Connor Milburn had three goals

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Connor Milburn had three goals and two assists, while Connor Ouellet scored twice, with Josh Van Unen and Cole Howaniec adding a goal each. Alek Erichuk had two assists, while Taylor Kaban was in goal. In their opening game, the Ice Pirates dumped the Okanagan Lakers, 6 4, with Milburn scoring three times.

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Hurt Pathan is worse than a wild boar. They should go after Mullah Omar and finish him off first. Otherwise he is going to get more support from the Pakistani Pathans. Then, midway through a Detroit power play, Zdeno Chara absolutely leveled one of the Red Wings in the left corner, and from that point on, the defending champions simply weren’t good enough. The 4 1 final was every inch a perfect measure of how much better the Bruins were. If the Patriots had put this kind of whoop ass on the Steelers in the weekend’s other biggest game, a lot of our local sporty punditocracy would be on the moon by now..