Concerns raised about resort expansion from the Canadian government

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Concerns raised about resort expansion from the Canadian government

NHL Canada is concerned about the prospects for expansion of the Winnipeg Jets’ arena in Winnipeg and is seeking additional support from the federal government, according to a recently released letter sent to the Jets. The letter says Manitoba’s economy, “is the envy of Canada,” and says if a private sector proposal were to be developed for a new arena in Winnipeg “it is important that government-supported participation is part of the discussion.” The league is concerned about any impact it might have on the Jets’ ability to compete for talent, in terms of winning playoff games, as well as their ability to attract media attention, including broadcast partners, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said last week. The letter is available here.

“It is not appropriate to discuss or speculate publicly on potential future events for our sport or our fans,” Bettman wrote. “But the importance of this letter is important. We want to have a clear picture of what was discussed at our recent (Canadian) government-driven meeting on sports and community development. This meeting, held a month after the NHL proposed a $700 million investment for an outdoor NHL arena, clearly outlined some of the issues that were raise바카라사이트d, and clearly outlined how the league felt there was a need for further우리카지노 assistance for the stadium and for the city of Winnipeg, th더킹카지노rough a funding formula.”

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The government-backed report — issued in December 2015 — said an increase in the NHL to 16 teams would help Winnipeg attract major-league hockey. Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman has also indicated his city is looking into a new $500 million arena and an expansion franchise that could be a part of that.

The province also wants the federal government to contribute to the costs of the downtown Winnipeg arena and the city could seek $200 million a year over the next couple years from other sources, as the city has recently put forth in its request for information (Form 1-1) with the province.

Bettman did not return phone calls Friday seeking comment on whether the NHL had reached out to his office to get him to participate in the arena plan discussions.

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The letter also highlights concerns about the city’s reliance on the federal government to assist it deal with land transfer issues involving construction on the new NHL stadium.

A draft Memorandum of Understanding, drafted by city staffers to negotiate the deal with the city over the land transfer, said both parties “hav