VoIP Configuration & Setup for Green Companies

It can be difficult for companies to balance business goals with corporate responsibility in a post-recession era. As lean operations become the norm, organizations are in a continuous struggle to do more with less, all without leaving a lasting impact on the world around them. But there are ways to harness the power of the internet to get more done while saving money and conserving resources. Going Green With VoIP Configuration/Setup When companies take steps to reduce their carbon footprint, Continue Reading

Reducing your Company’s Carbon Footprint with Virtual Toll Free Numbers

“Going green” has become the new reality for organizations who must balance business objectives and profitability against dwindling access to natural resources.  Increasing energy costs and a limited energy supply have forced companies to take action to reduce their carbon footprint. The greening of an organization can be challenging, as there can often be a significant (though typically temporary) cost output associated with adopting new procedures. Leadership can be hesitant to approve green Continue Reading

What is Green Manufacturing and How Can Virtual Numbers Help Spread the Word?

“Green” manufacturing can have two distinct and separate meanings. It can mean the production of “green” products. These products are typically part of larger renewable energy systems. And green manufacturing can also mean the act of making current manufacturing practices more clean and sustainable. That is, reducing pollution, reducing waste, reusing waste, cutting emissions, minimizing reliance on natural resources, utilizing recycled materials, and other “clean” practices. Since the start of Continue Reading

The Future of Green Manufacturing: Trends to Watch

Green manufacturing, once practiced by a small minority of corporations, has quickly become a critical part of business planning. As public awareness of the environmental impact of manufacturing increases, the demand from consumers, the government, and corporate investors is forcing manufacturers to re-examine their processes and adopt “greener” policies.  What are some important trends emerging from this demand for green manufacturing? Green Supply Chain Management Outside pressures in the Continue Reading

Green Manufacturers and Their Public: Introducing New Products to New Audiences With Inbound Call Centers

A successful new product launch involves surgical precision. Production, logistics, fulfillment, marketing, customer service and sales must be aligned to ensure the products are delivered on time and to specification. This process requires open and precise communication between departments and supply chain partners. Green manufacturers, both those that are new to the market and established brands adopting new, greener processes, can experience significant roadblocks when it comes to bringing Continue Reading