Comparing Call Forwarding Services: Hidden Fees & Other Things to Consider

Comparing Call Forwarding Services: Hidden Fees & Other Things to Consider Activating an advanced call forwarding plan is a wise step for any business, but be sure to compare and contrast a variety of service plans before taking the plunge. Many call forwarding providers trap customers with hidden service fees, unscrupulous contracts, and free trial offers that are, in reality, far from free. The following three call forwarding providers are just a few of  the many companies that Continue Reading

Solid Foundations in the Cloud: Business Call Forwarding and Big Data Analytics

In a slow-growth economy, companies continue to battle for a piece of the pie that is just not growing. While attracting and securing new business is critical, the nurturing of existing client relationships has never been more vital. Collecting and analyzing customer data mined through telephone communications can give a company unlimited insight into customer demographics, psychographics, preferences, and trends.  But when systems are not integrated, it’s difficult to analyze this data in Continue Reading

Virtual Phone Number Forwarding: Talk is the New Email

Organizations of all sizes are tasked with improving productivity and increasing revenue while at the same time managing reduced budgets. No matter how small the budget gets, employees still only have a limited number of hours in a day in which to do their jobs. But with a unified communications system, companies are able get more done with less. What are Unified Communications Systems? Unified communications are integrated applications that optimize business processes. Companies can unify Continue Reading