A Marketer’s Guide to Hootsuite and Buffer

There are several different social media management tools out there, but they are not all created equally. Some of them focus primarily on one or two social networks while others just don’t have enough features to warrant using them instead of using the networks themselves. Thankfully, there are two services that stand out amongst the crowd, changing the face of social media as we know it: Hootsuite and Buffer. Both of these tools allow marketers to manage multiple social profiles at once, Continue Reading

How A Cheap Toll Free Number Can Help You Cut Back on CRM Budget

If you are in charge of Customer Relationship Management, you’re probably aware of how easy it can be to go over budget in this area. Choosing the right CRM system can be difficult, and even then you still have to focus on how you’re going to reach your best customers. While most modern companies focus on social media efforts, there are still some people who feel that this approach isn’t personal enough. Because of this, many companies still make use of a phone system, but they haven’t quite Continue Reading