Cloud Computing: The Superhero of Mobile File Sharing

It seems that everyone is talking about “the cloud.”  People are constantly tossing around phrases like “Just get it from the cloud!” Or, “Back it up to the cloud!”  The cloud is everywhere. If you use email, you use the cloud.  If you use Spotify, you use the cloud. Social media? You guessed it. Cloud.  The cloud has amazing powers that deliver convenience and security to our computers, smartphones, and mobile devices. But what, exactly is the cloud? What the Heck is the Cloud? The cloud is Continue Reading

Saying Goodbye to the Limits, and Hello to 1 844 Toll Free Numbers for Business

On December 7, 2013, new 844 toll free numbers were announced. These new prefixes give businesses the opportunity to sign up for a new telephone number that can help brand and expand their business. Many businesses have tried to secure branded vanity lines in the past, but their preferred number may not have been available, forcing them to settle for a less ideal solution. But the addition of 844 toll free numbers has put an entirely new set of branding opportunities in play for businesses Continue Reading

Does Telecommuting with a Free Virtual Phone Service Reduce your Carbon Footprint?

Telecommuting has long been touted as a way for companies to reduce their overall carbon footprint. But there is some evidence to suggest that telework may not be as green as we once thought. The Environmental Benefits of Telecommuting The arguments for telecommuting as a way to reduce carbon output are supported with evidence that stay-at-home workers use less gas, and therefore produce less emissions.  According to The Green Book, American commuters travel an average of 10,000 miles per year Continue Reading

Solid Foundations in the Cloud: Business Call Forwarding and Big Data Analytics

In a slow-growth economy, companies continue to battle for a piece of the pie that is just not growing. While attracting and securing new business is critical, the nurturing of existing client relationships has never been more vital. Collecting and analyzing customer data mined through telephone communications can give a company unlimited insight into customer demographics, psychographics, preferences, and trends.  But when systems are not integrated, it’s difficult to analyze this data in Continue Reading