Toll Free Number Evolution: Has The Toll Free Telephone Number Seen Its Prime?

Before toll-free telephone numbers were introduced, the only way for a caller to reach a business for free was to place a collect call through a telephone operator. Upon the request of the caller and acceptance of the receiver, the charges would be reversed. But in 1967, AT&T introduced toll-free calling to the United States. They created specialized telephone numbers that made a call free for the person dialing the number, no matter where they were located in the US. The “800” prefix told Continue Reading

Virtual Phone Number Forwarding: Talk is the New Email

Organizations of all sizes are tasked with improving productivity and increasing revenue while at the same time managing reduced budgets. No matter how small the budget gets, employees still only have a limited number of hours in a day in which to do their jobs. But with a unified communications system, companies are able get more done with less. What are Unified Communications Systems? Unified communications are integrated applications that optimize business processes. Companies can unify Continue Reading

Customizing Your Green Company with Vanity 800 Numbers

In the corporate world it can be said that going green is the new black. It seems every organization, from the small corner boutique to the behemoth international manufacturer, is touting one sustainable program or another. It can be difficult for a company to cut through the noise when trying to promote its own green practices. An effective way to improve your overall marketing and branding efforts is to secure a vanity 800 number for your green company. What is a vanity 800 number? Think Continue Reading