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Serve the wines you like, priced at what you can comfortably afford. It doesn't matter if it that's red or white wine or even beer or cider, for that matter. Doesn't matter if it's fowl or fish or pork or beef. At this phase, it was trivial to request and get log messages that would've been a pain in the neck to add later on. The specification phase is the best place to discover these needs for that reason. Had we waited until the usual time much later in the project, with much code already Continue Reading

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Planning for the trip, several people told us we needed at least one Siglin style sled. We'd balked at the price at $800, it was more than I'd paid for my 1995 Polaris but in the end we got one, confident it would retain value. We were glad we did.. Maybe now you will add Jeanie back to cheap jerseys the Christmas card list. Business cards cheap jerseys are actually really cheap, and gifters, if you want wholesae nfl jerseys to push the envelope, give a holder, as well. It just makes the Continue Reading


Sure, a big part of the anticipation of the royal visit is to see what Kate Middleton is going to wear at the couple's many events (did you guys see that emerald green Dolce Gabbana dress she wore in Kelowna?), but it's not all red carpets and five star dinners for the royals. Kate and Will also have time set aside to get out into Canada's abundant and wild outdoors. Their itinerary includes a visit to the Great Bear Rainforest and a canoe trip in Haida Gwaii. In Long term internship, the Continue Reading