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The best instrument can be hired at a cost of 700, beyond the means of the company. The singers have been polishing their high notes and learning 200 pages of music by heart. And as soprano Andrea Tweedale, 28, says: "It would give us such a boost to have a proper piano. A couple of times a year, Savannah area restaurants and restaurants across America, for that matter get together to offer special pricing on their menus. The "restaurant week" concept is certainly not original to Savannah. Continue Reading

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So be sure to buy a used Page Plus cell phone, and do not throw away your old phones. Many other phones can be recycled or just used for parts. This will keep all phones out of landfills and in a more appropriate place instead. Though hotels are offering discounts and incentives in a bid to lure tourists, London is still a city capable of delivering deep wallet shock. The solution is to travel when the daylight wanes. November through March is when hotels offer their rooms at the lowest rates. Continue Reading


You know that vast environment of sights, sounds and stimuli you encounter when you step out your front door? It called the outdoors and it the perfect setting for a high activity date. If your date is outdoorsy or into exercise, you have so many options: hiking, visiting a local park, going for a bike ride, fishing or taking a walk around a nice neighborhood. Bonus: you get to burn calories and work up an appetite for that food truck meal we mentioned earlier.. Sometime between 1980 and Continue Reading