Gm, germination scored by radicle emergence

red, nearly complete germination; yellow, poor germination only on GDA; white, poor germination without GDA and further reduction with GDA. Gr, greening: green, complete greening; yellow, greening partially or completely impaired only on GDA; white, greening impaired with or without GDA. Rg, response to gravity: light blue, most seedlings in category 1 or 2; intermediate blue, most in category 2 or 3; dark blue, most in category 3 or 4; deep blue, most in category 4; white, more seedlings scored Continue Reading

It looks like trade talks between the Redskins and the Titans for Albert Haynesworth have cooled off

When you think about what Shanahan and GM Bruce Allen have accomplished is pretty good: Williams cheap jerseys and McNabb with their second round pick. They also have two running backs, Willie Parker and Larry Johnson, to compete with Clinton Portis. Piazza and Young are sitting with their co stars and Eastwood in the throwback glamour of a Waldorf Astoria bar. Inflections, hair styles and even finger jewelry mirror those of their characters to varying degrees. All were discovered on stage and Continue Reading