it becomes human

Right now what that means, since we have already made cuts, supplies and equipment, it becomes human resources people and programs. That means teacher, support staff, custodians, food service. It takes a lot of people to manage and do all the things they do. The Robert Black course has been called Chicago gem and the few golfers that do play there would like to keep it to themselves. With low prices and a friendly staff, the small nine hole course is appropriate for golf novices or for those Continue Reading

For the optimists

Martin's Game of Thrones saga. Being too cheap for premium cable and too lazy to have read any of the books, I don't know if Martin has other Pleistocene megafaunal species running around his fantasy landscape. Still, it's nice to see Canis dirus enjoying its moment of celebrity.. The Medicare Part D drug plan does, but coverage levels vary depending on your plan. And it's only covered if you buy the vaccine at a pharmacy, said Campbell. Then you have to zoom it over to your doctor for the Continue Reading