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I'm off to watch planet earth and strictly now with my dangerously liberal views. Can a liberal be working class instead though, oh wise one? Can you explain article 50 and the off side rule while you're at it? Got to live up to your misogynism too Don't forget to check my grammar ain't got no idea how to use edit any tips their?Here we go again with your arrogance and sweeping generalisations. Such provoking language speaks volumes 'peasant' 'einstein' indicating that chip on your shoulder Continue Reading

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The diversion of raw leaf tobacco is ultimately an activity that attracts and sustains the involvement of organized crime. This reality is the main rationale behind to recent passage of Bill C 10. So, while the criminal prohibitions are now in place through that federal legislation, the supply side of the problem still needs to be fixed. Jorgensen said it was likely not all the cases were immediately fatal, but he acknowledged the body count would likely be higher without the drug.Mark Continue Reading

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Court heard one of the workers had to do jobs at the Sidhus' farm, which was not part of their contract. A social function was also worked, during which time the employees were paid $50 for eight hours of work. Plosz called the treatment of the workers "shameful" and "despicable." Plosz said the couple used the workers for cheap labour to make money for themselves.. A: Your situation is quite common, unfortunate and not easy to fix. Based on the number of requests for soundproofing help that Continue Reading